Soft Bristled Military Brush


Product Details

Soft Bristled Palm Hair Brush

  • Pack of one
  • Length: 13cm x Width 7cm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Material: Beech Wood, 80% Boar and 20% Nylon

About Me

  • Bristles are kinder on scalp
  • Very good in flattening and toning down curls
  • The soft bristles assists in the distribute of shine, oils and pomade through hair

  • Frequent brushing assists blood circulation in scalp, stimulates the scalp for new hair growth and aids in the natural distribution of oil from your scalp all through your hair, adding shine and gloss.

Wave StatusFresh haircut

Look After Me

  • Keep away from water unless washing  (Refer to product card for cleaning tutorials). 
  • Blow dry or air when wet.

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